As if no-one was watching

As women, we came together,

Found connections, shared stories.

Spun ideas into webs of meaning,

Feelings into movement and magic.

We created images and scenes,

Woven with light, pulsing with colour.


We pushed at barriers

And burst through boundaries,

Opened dark places

And crossed fragile spaces.


We opened up a can of worms.

Fed them chocolate, blood and tears.

We probed at many tender patches,

Touched deep wounds with care.


We bent and swayed,

But did not break,

Fell again and again

But stood taller each time.


We set the world spinning

With hoops of wild joy.

Our laughter rattled the walls

And cartwheeled across the floor.


We celebrated our sex and bodies,

Found our voices and our power.

We supported each other to fly,

Soaring high with a Velvet touch,

Sky dancers, star gazers.

As if no-one was watching

But they were ….